ScreenSquid for Linux

For some reason, screensquid does not provide a linux version for it's Electron app. If you're stuck using the service, here's what you can do.

Download my pre-packaged version

ia32 x64 armv7l

Create your own

You'll need to have asar and electron-packager installed

  • Get your hands on the app contents. You could try installing it on a Windows/Mac VM or in a borrowed computer
  • Find the app.asar and electron.asar files, usually under the Resources folder
  • $ mkdir app
    $ asar extract app.asar app
    $ asar extract electron.asar app
    $ cd app && npm i && cd ..
    $ electron-packager app Screensquid --platform=linux --arch=x64 # (ia32, x64, armv7l)
  • You're done!